Reliability is our commitment. Prime quality is our signature. For many years now, we are right by your side with electrical equipment and immediate service with electrical installations of all types.

Our goal? Each and every one of our customers to become and remain first and above all a true friend.Therefore, we feel and show genuine personal interest in the needs of your home or business, providing prime electrical equipment and electrical work.

About us

With years of experience in all sorts of electrical installations, we decided to combine the traditional virtues of the “neighbourhood electrician”, with the well-known warm smile and close personal relationship, with the reliability and the professionalism that all modern consumers and businessmen require!

Why choose us? Because we combine great experience, genuine personal interest and electrical equipment of excellent quality with fast service and reliability in our agreed schedules and your wishes!

Our Services

We have the necessary know-how and, most importantly, the experience to perform a great number of electrical applications in several types of buildings and businesses.
We undertake:

  • Electrical installations in houses, in newly erected buildings as well as in old ones, which need electrical upgrading.
  • Electrical – engineering installations in houses and business facilities.
  • Electrical repairs.
  • The installation of lights and lighting systems.
  • Power supply applications.
  • Weak and heavy current installations.
  • The electrical connection of machinery and technological equipment.
  • Electrical check and issuance of all related certificates and permits.

We cater to your needs swiftly all over Athens and the suburbs!

Everything in Electrical Equipment

Knowing first hand the modern electrical needs, be it a small house, an apartment, or a business or shop, we offer in our physical store and e-shop the most advanced and reliable solutions:

  • Electrical cables of all types.
  • Tools and electrical equipment.
  • Lighting equipment.
  • Energising and power supply equipment: From power strips and cords of all types to dimmers, specialised plugs and adaptors.

We monitor the technological developments in our sector and market, and always make sure to offer electrical equipment that is the most suitable solution for your needs – and budget!

The most valuable asset in our store? Our readiness to help you find what you truly need, at affordable prices.

We cater to your needs swiftly all over Athens and the suburbs!

We are by your side, with just one phone call!

Visit our natural store or see our great range of products and electrical equipment in our online shop!

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